Rapid DWS (Dimension, Weigh, and Scan)

Rapid DWS (Dimension, Weigh, and Scan)

A fully integrated DWS that automates the process of acquiring physical data and address information from your packages. It is perfect for any size mailroom at Universities, corporate offices, and order fulfillment businesses.

For outbound packages…

      • Automates the generation of Shipping/Manifest labels with high-definition bar-codes

      • Greatly reduces the effort and time to prepare and manifest packages for shipping

      • Enables the automation for downstream, in-house processing

      • Enables the shipping discounts with Consolidation House/Expedited Couriers

      • Eliminates the “charge-backs” by ensuring physical and address information is correct and archived

For inbound packages…

      • Captures the information for input into Warehouse Management

      • Enables space utilization planning


Imaging, Dimensioning, and Weighing

The camera uses an Employs CMOS sensor to provide 4x higher resolution than full HD quality pictures at 3840x2160. A 300+ DPI image resolution image is produced for industry-best OCR-BCR performance, which is 4K image resolution. The system has onboard BCR with optional OCR capability. The system also supports color images if desired.

     - The DWS has automatic Dimensioning with Automated data acquisition and data transfer of L, W, H, girth, and volume.

     - This DWS has automatic Weighing.

     - There are certified Dimensioning and Weighing (Legal For Trade) upgrade options available.

     - The DWS will automatically generate human and machine-readable labels for manual application.

     - The DWS comes in two sizes, one for smalls and one for larger parcels.



      • User places package on target area beneath the camera

      • Upon detection of the package, system begins video image streaming

      • Once the package is properly centered, camera captures:

           - Zoomed in 4K picture of packaging label taken at 2160p (3840 X 2160) resolution

           - Over 300 dpi address block capture

           - Optionally, can take zoomed out picture of entire package

      • Able to capture images of multiple sides of packages

      • Zoomed-in pictures are processed by OCR/BCR


Download Rapid DWS Datasheet (link below)

Download Rapid DWS System Introduction (link below)