Vision Inspection Systems

3D Analysis

  • Many applications can be enhanced by the use of 3D Analysis. This capability eliminates dependencies on color, contrast, size ,etc. By combining a highly accurate sensor with customized software analysis, a power toolset can be created.
  • POST-IS uses a variety of sensing solutions to acquire data, depending on the application and performance requirements. These sensing solutions can range from sensors, to precision distance measurement sensors, to mid range cameras, to extremely accurate camera solutions.
  • We fit the solution to the application

Bundle Processing

POST-IS has developed, tested and demonstrated a system that automates the repetitive activities that are inherent in bundle processing…while increasing the productivity of the current approach by a FACTOR OF 2!

Bulk Flow Counter

Download Bulk Flow Counter PDF (link below)

Controlling the flow of bulk material by item count rather than pile size can be extremely advantages. Material handling process material on a “pieces per hour” type of rate and therefore a large pile of large items will process much faster than a large pile of small items. Therefore, by managing the count rate, you can control your automated systems (ie, singulators, sorter in-feeds, etc) and you can control the feed of material to manual work stations.

POST-IS has developed technology to inspect a moving stream of items, continuously, and provide data indicating the product count.

  • POST-IS evaluated multiple approaches to counting items in a Bulk Flow condition as a requisite enabler of Flow Control
  • The success of each strategy is strongly dependent on the bulk flow profile and mail-mix
  • Our system can count flats, parcels, and a mix

Inspection Systems

POST-IS can deliver Inspection systems for any product or industry. The systems can inspect for imperfections, missing products, color, etc. Our solutions are customized to the application requirements and leverage the best industry products, to provide the most cost-effective solution.