Project and Program Management

  • POST-IS Project and Program Management – With a staff that has directly managed over $400M in Logistics Automation deployments, we have the skill to manage all aspects of Logistics Automation Solution Design and Deployment
  • POST-IS Project and Program Management recognize the importance of your schedule and the “domino effect” impact of late deliveries on your project roll-out.
  • POST-IS Project and Program Management Philosophy
    • LISTEN! - establish a complete understanding of your requirements by proactive communication with you and your team.
    • PLAN! – plan, identify and manage resources, contingency plan, manage risk, manage change…then re-visit the plan…then generate the master schedule.
    • EXECUTE! – plan to the schedule that supports your requirements, then work ahead of the curve to every extent possible.
    • BE PREPARED FOR CHANGE – POST-IS PM personnel are known for thinking outside the box to incorporate last minute customer requests…and our customers will attest to that.