LED Illumination

POSTIS, Co-Planar, LED Illumination

POSTIS has designed, integrated and deployed a small, but powerful illumination solution for industrial lighting requirements and/or replacement of existing lighting applications.  The Illumination module delivers constant, uniform, diffuse, high-intensity illumination with cool, white lighting.

  • Cool, consistent illumination.  No “hot-spots”.
  • Completely self-contained, “plug-n-play” design
  • Hollow-core design, with built-in heat sink.
  • Dynamically controllable light intensity
  • Designed for use with an external fan (available as an option)
  • Reduces power consumption when compared to existing technologies
  • Easy fine tuning (Set and Forget)
  • Modular.  Modules can be “daisy-chained” to cover larger areas.

The Co-Planar LED Illumination provides the latest in illumination technology in an integrated, plug-and-play module.  Our LED illumination is widely deployed in BCR/OCR applications supporting 4K cameras.

  • High-Speed Image Acquisition

-       Parcel Sortation

-       Flats Sortation

-       Letter Mail Sortation

  • Static Image Acquisition

-       Dimension/Weigh/Scan (DWS) Stations

  • Parts Inspection Stations

Download CO-Planar LED Illumination Data Sheet (link below)