SICK Sensors and Cameras


POST-IS is a Summit-level distribution sales partner for the complete line of SICK sensors, encoders, light grids, fluid measurement and distance measurement devices. Let us help you specify the most robust and cost-efficient sensing solution for even your toughest applications. Depending on application requirements, an array of other sensor manufacturers can be utilized. Sensors


POST-IS is also a Summit-level distribution sales partner for the complete line of SICK laser scanners, imager-based bar code, and two-dimensional code readers. These readers range from systems that fit in the palm of your hand all the way up to sophisticated, high performance and high resolution CCD cameras for the most demanding conveyor applications. In addition, POST-IS features two and three dimensional machine vision systems that can be used for simple to complex inspection and automation processes. Specialized machine vision cameras from a number of world-wide vendors are available to suit almost any machine vision application. Cameras


POST-IS is proud to offer the complete line of SICK safety products including optoelectronic protective devices, safety switches, safety controllers and safety relays. As a SICK Summit-level distributor with years of experience in safety systems, POST-IS has access to the finest safety products on the market today and the knowledge to help integrate them into your automation. Safety